Ignition Protected Packages

Ignition Protected Thrusters, Side-Power | Bow Thrusters Direct | Supplied by bowthrustersdirerct.com

To provide reliable and safe thruster installations in more boats. Sleipner side-power have a range of modified versions of our DC electric thrusters in watertight housings. These are for use in stern and other locations that may get wet or be exposed to gasoline fumes.

These thrusters are fully ignition protected (ISO 8846) for use in boats with gasoline engines. They have a hermetically sealed composite housing around all electric parts. This provides the ignition protection as no gasoline fumes can enter and be ignited by sparks.

The other advantage is that the electric parts that could be damaged by water are also covered and protected. Making these thrusters the ideal choice for other stern thruster installations where it is difficult to ensure that the thruster will always remain dry.

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