Quick BTQ1809512 95KGF 12V D185 6,0KW


Quick BTQ185 Thruster 95KGF 12V 6.0kW 185mm


• Model: BTQ 185-95

• Propeller type: Single

• Tunnel diameter: 185mm (7″ 18/64)

• Motor power: 6.0 kW

• Voltage: 12V

• Fusible: 350A CNL DIN

• Thrust: 95 kgf (209.4 lb)

• Weight: 26.6 kg (58.6 lb)

• Conditions of warranty



Price: £3,912.95 VAT: £782.59 Total: £4,695.54

Quick BTQ185 Thruster 95KGF 12V 6.0kW 185mm

Quick BTQ 185-95 12V DC thruster recommended for boats 8 to 15 meters (26-49 ft) in length. This model has a single propeller made in sturdy composite material, a bronze gearbox and solenoids protection carter in sturdy composite material. It is equipped with an elastic coupling and has a zinc anode independent from the gearbox – making it easily replaceable.