A bow thruster or stern thruster will have a certain effect on board. For best performance however it is very important that the bowthruster is specified to provide the expected thrust. Under every situation the boat or yacht would find itself in.

Today, most motorboats and yachts are built with bow thrusters as standard. Or at least an option from the factory. Mostly factory fitted bow thrusters meet the requirements for most customers, under normal conditions. But for some skippers, it may be wise to consider a more powerful thruster. Especially if you use the boat under more severe conditions than the average user. Most builders offer bow thruster upgrades on customer request.

If you want to use the boat alone, a DC Speed Control system in combination with bow and stern thruster, and the unique Hold function, will provide a valuable assistance with the mooring.

Bow and stern thruster power is determined mainly by boat size and not by its weight, which is a general perception. When we know the boat’s total wind area, the boat’s pivot point and the location of the tunnel, we can calculate the wind force on the boats surface area and center point. Hence, we can calculate the amount of force needed to push the bow into the wind at a given wind speed. A further consideration is whether your boat is 12v or 24v.