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Technical Advice

Bow Thrusters Direct & Side-Power have a worldwide network ready to assist you in the best way possible. If you need support or advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

Side-Power manufacture the world’s most comprehensive line of thrusters for leisure boats and smaller commercial boats, and we can therefore offer a suitable thruster for almost every boat under 160 ft. To enable the most practical of installations as well as the best possible performance for a variety of boats and usages, Side-Power thrusters are offered in several versions to satisfy all requirements.

This is why when choosing the right thruster for your boat, maximising optimum manoeuvrability is so important and that is why specifying the correct thruster will provide sufficient thrust under all conditions where the boat is used.

For technical help and friendly advice please call Nick Nutt our apprenticeship served Marine Electrician with over 28 years’ experience with Side-Power thrusters; thrusters are his passion & favourite subject!

You can also consult the product manuals and troubleshooting guides available below.

If you have any queries, response times will often be shortened if you have provided the identity of your product by part and serial number, boat type and yard/HIN number of the vessel.


Side-Power DC Thruster Systems – 2018

side power bow thrusters stress free docking dc electric thrusters

Side-Power Hydraulic & AC Thrusters 2018 EN

bow thrusters side power thruster system hydraulic ac electric boat

Side-Power DC Thruster Range Folder 2018 EN

bow thrusters side power dc thruster range

Side-Power PRO Thrusters Upgrade Folder EN

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Documents & Files

SE Series

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SE IP Series

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SE PRO Series

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SE IP PRO Series

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SR PRO Series

ES Series Stern

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SX Series Stern

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SX PRO Series Stern

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Thrusters, Hydraulic

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Control Panels & Remotes

Remote Controls

Remote Control Kits

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Control Panels ON/OFF

Control Panels For ACHYD - Thrusters

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Thruster Accessories


bow thrusters propellers product information side power thruster systems


bow thrusters propellers product information side power thruster systems

Installation Tools

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Spare Parts

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Upgrade Kits

DC Speed Control

Propeller Upgrade Kits

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