Bow Thruster Protection / Protector


QUICK and EASY Dismounting and Mounting


The Bow Thruster Protection solves the technical problem of protecting the bow thruster from damage, while providing a method for simple mounting and dismounting of the unit for the purpose of periodical servicing or emergency repair operations.

The unit is comprised of a manifold that houses the extension mechanism and arms. The movement of a conical nut inside the mechanism initiates extension of the arms in order to achieve a firm connection between the Bow Thruster Protection and the surface of the bow thruster tunnel.

The Bow Thruster Protection is intended for multiple uses (mounting and dismounting operations) without the use of mounting screws or rivets.

Installation can be done on land or under water. Matching hexagon socket: 8 mm (not included). Suitable for tunnels with a diameter of 185 mm. Delivery includes two pieces.


Price: £195.00 VAT: £39.00 Total: £234.00

Bow Thruster Protection / Protector

Suites a 185mm tunnel.

Extremely practical bow thruster protection! The grille protects the propeller and the tunnel from damage and safely prevents malfunctions caused by foreign objects.
Standard protective grilles are normally screwed into the hull of the ship. However, this guard is installed without drilling, screwing or riveting. This simplifies assembly and disassembly and facilitates regular maintenance or emergency repairs.

No drilling

No need for drilling into the vessel’s hull, or additional hardware such as screws or rivets.

Firm Grip

Thanks to the extension mechanism and the adaptable arm tips, the unit achieves a firm and durable connection to the surface of the bow thruster tunnel.

Intended for all types of water craft

This device is suitable for installation onto all types of new water craft, or as an addition to existing systems.

A pair is better than one

Since bow thruster tunnels have two openings, it only makes sense that with each purchase you get a pair of the Bow Thruster Protection units.

Quick Installation

Forget about power tools or additional hardware. All you need to mount the newly purchased Bow Thruster Protection is a Hex key/Allen wrench and two minutes of your time.

Long lasting device

Manufactured from durable, waterproof materials common in today’s marine equipment manufacturing.