SE80/185T-24IP SIDEPOWER 80 Kg Thruster


Ignition Protected DC Thrusters


SE80/185T-24IP SIDEPOWER 80 Kg Thruster, 5bl Q prop, IPC, 24V 185mm tunnel, sealed gearleg, ignition protected

Price: £2,338.84 VAT: £467.77 Total: £2,806.61

SE80/185T-24IP SIDEPOWER 80 Kg Thruster

The SE80/185T-IP suits a wide range of boats around the 12m/40ft mark and is thereby a very popular model. Utilizing the same mechanical parts as the even more powerful SE100/185T-IP, the reduced power makes it an exceptionally energy efficient thruster demanding less from the electric installation as well as being a very cost efficient model with a compact installation size. The SE80/185T-IP includes all the important and unique Side-Power features and qualities – why settle for less