Sleipner 8960G Joystick Control Panel


8960G Joystick Panel Round hole cut out


8960G Joystick Panel 12/24 Round hole grey

Price: £178.54 VAT: £35.71 Total: £214.25

Joystick panel 12/24 V

Our most popular panel, the 8960G Joystick gives a comfortable and user friendly control of the thruster. With its compact and modern styling it fits perfectly on most dashboards.

  • Round cut-out hole (std. instrument size)
  • Installs from front side
  • Pre-fitted O-ring seal
  • Multi-voltage (12 & 24V)
  • Child safe on/off system
  • Control/power lights
  • Automatic deactivation after use
  • Easy operation
  • Waterproof (IP65-front)
  • UV safe
  • CE -approved
  • Compact size
  • Modern styling
  • No visible screw heads