SLEIPNER SX35 Compact Stern Thruster


SX35 Compact Stern Thruster


For boats up to 27ft

Price: £2,438.62 VAT: £487.72 Total: £2,926.34

SX 35 Sleipner Side-Power Compact Stern Thruster

The next generation external thrusters

The brand new SX series are the world’s most compact external bow and stern thrusters. They fit where others won’t and offer a number of attractive benefits for boat builders as well as retrofit installations. Its versatile installation possibilities and compact size make it a perfect choice. Ideal for vessels where the inside configuration does not allow a standard thruster installation.

As the Side-Power engineering team has accumulated a vast amount of know-how about externally mounted thrusters over the years. This knowledge has now resulted in a brand new generation of external thrusters. The new generation has been improved in virtually every component and engineered for a more effective manufacturing process in order to reduce production cost and thereby price. Further more, when used as a stern thruster, these models will be the most compact ever. So, if you could not fit a stern thruster before, it might be a good idea to check out our latest generation of external thrusters.

Key design features

  • Ease of installation with no GRP work necessary
  • Energy efficient and long run times
  • Versatile installation fits many hull shapes
  • Available in PRO version with variable speed control
  • Patented Intelligent Power Control (IPC) protection as standard